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RevelHouse is an architectural firm that specializes in social architecture.

We apply a mixed-use mindset to all of our projects to make the user experience accessible,  compelling and complete.

Our Work

Our work focuses on the entertainment, hospitality, retail and residential sectors. Using a human-centered design approach, we strive to create fun and comfortable places that encourage face to face social interaction.

Don’t just take our word for it.

From entertainment centers, restaurants, sports facilities, and more, we’ve worked with some of the world’s leading companies.

RevelHouse. A consultancy conference room featuring glass walls adorned with lush plants, offering a harmonious blend of architecture and natural experiences.


Our firm’s services can be combined or offered individually depending on our client’s needs. Each service is supported with a unique consultation process, and is a crutical part of bringing all projects and spaces to life.

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Our approach to architecture is unique. Sometimes it might mean breaking free from the norm. We customize each project to requirements set by the client. We love what we do.

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Interior Design

We create interiors that engage, captivate and serve those who will be interacting with them. Whether it’s for comfort, spectacle, intrigue or efficiency, we always design with the user in mind.

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Graphics are a seamless part of any built project. They add to the impact and function of the overall design. With the strategic use of graphics, we can help you figure out how to augment the experience of your space.

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Mixed Use Strategy

Mixed-use spaces promote community and socialization by bringing together employees, visitors, and residents alike. It offers convenience and various offerings all in one single location. Our mission it help you plan out the space with multi functional uses, sustainable offerings, accessibility and maximize efficiency.

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Master Planning

A site can have many different functions resulting in a varied and purposeful experience. We can help you consider all the possibilities and plan out how you will use a space to generate the greatest long-term impact.