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Gabby’s Combo Roadhouse - Thai Restaurant | Injects Life into Emerging Neighbourhood

Mississauga, Ontario

This project builds on our evolution of Gabby’s from a casual roadhouse into a more sophisticated gastropub. The scheme also creates a new model for future foodservice operations by sharing space, including the kitchens, with the Thai Room Grand. Gabby’s is laid out with a variety of intimate bar and dining zones finished in darker, richer materials and warm lighting. Artwork and features are inspired by the location including a “Mississauga Sports Heroes” painting by David Arrigo that greets guests upon arrival and a sculpted wood feature wall that is our interpretation of idyllic suburban life. Thai Room Grand was inspired by Bangkok street markets with bright coloured fabrics, collections of crafts, and a dramatic approach to lighting. The landscape of that beautiful country works as the counterpoint background for the city scenes.