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Little Canada is Toronto’s Newest Biggest Attraction

Toronto, Ontario

RevelHouse was the lead designer and Prime Consultant for this 43,000 ft2 attraction in downtown Toronto. The experience includes eleven destinations representing the country in incredible miniature detail. The enjoyment of a visit is enhanced with a day/night show lighting, moving vehicles, and special interactive features. We narrated an overall experience and then designed the circulation and spaces to inform and support the activities of entering, viewing, partying, learning, shopping and eating. Design-wise our approach was to let the models be the stars of the show, so careful attention was paid to theatrical lighting (with the involvement of MBL Lighting), acoustics, and touchpoints such as the guard railings around the models. In association with the Hive, RevelHouse developed the signage and wayfinding for the project. Another unique part of the design process has been the involvement of Indigenous artist, Philip Cote. His contributions through artwork, graphics, and teachings have added important depth to the stories being told about the nation.