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Malden Sports Complex is a Vibrant Athletic and Mixed-Use Space on a Compact Urban Site North of Boston

Malden, Massachusetts

Ajax Partners were presented with a unique opportunity. Turn an urban site, 20 minutes North of downtown Boston, into a layered mixed use project with sports as its main use. The sports facilities include a 6,000 seated soccer stadium, a twin pad arena with seating for 3,000, a 6 fields in house and a fitness club. RevelHouse took the sports requirements and added a variety of other program so the facility would appeal to everyone (player, supporters and community) who steeped in the door. These amenities included an Active Entertainment Centre, a hotel, restaurant, retail space (hopefully a Converse store as Malden is the birthplace of that iconic shoe brand!), and market zones that will add to the sporting event experience and provide space for community events.