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Mega Parc Reopens With Rave Reviews

RevelHouse was thrilled to be at the reopening of Mega Parc to experience the renovated indoor amusement park at Galeries de la Capitale shopping mall in Quebec City.
Mega Parc has been proving to be a big draw for tourists and visitors since opening day and has been receiving enthusiastic online reviews.

“The true New Yorker secretly believes that people living anywhere else have to be, in some sense, kidding.”

RevelHouse. A bustling shopping mall with a multitude of lights and an abundance of people.
Mega Parc finally opened to the public on January 18!
RevelHouse. The architecture of a large shopping mall showcases its well-designed public spaces, bustling with people walking around.
Entrances to the park are all reworked to improve flow for the guests.
RevelHouse. A spacious public space with wooden benches and a large screen for immersive experiences.
The plaza area with stage will be a gathering point for events and festivals.
RevelHouse. The interior of a shopping mall, a social and public space, with a blue ceiling.
Skating trail and spokeless Ferris wheel are two of the main features of Mega Parc.
RevelHouse. The inside of a shopping mall, an architectural marvel offering public spaces and unforgettable experiences, centered around a large circular wheel.
Cloud Coaster runs through spokeless Ferris wheel and over the plaza.
RevelHouse. The architecture of the building is highlighted by a stunning spiral staircase that provides a unique and captivating design. Step inside and experience the beauty of this well-crafted space.
Spinning drop tower sits in a hub of activity with bumper cars, roller coaster, cloud coaster, and skating trail all nearby.
Roller Coaster wraps around a wood-clad children’s play structure.
RevelHouse. A stunning architectural design featuring a spiral staircase within a public space.
Stairs connect ground level thrill rides to second level children’s rides.
RevelHouse. A social indoor ice skating rink in a shopping mall.
Mega Parc is fully exposed to two levels of food court and retail space.
RevelHouse. A carousel is situated in the middle of a bustling shopping mall, enhancing the overall experience of public spaces for visitors.
Carousel was refurbished as a beautiful industrial style “chess” piece.
RevelHouse. A social carousel in the middle of a shopping mall.
The vintage lighting, inspired by parks of the past, relates beautifully to the surrounding retail mall.
RevelHouse. An ice rink featuring a carousel at its heart, designed with captivating architecture to provide unforgettable experiences.
The colour-changing skating trail weaves its way through the project.
RevelHouse. The design of the ice rink creates a stunning visual as it is lit up at night.
…past gardens, murals, and feature pipe lighting that crawls up the wall.
RevelHouse. Two people are skating on an ice rink in a public space.
Twinkle lights enhance the skating experience. Perfect for date night.
RevelHouse. A social indoor ice skating rink in a building.
Curved wood benches adjacent to lit planting beds provide comfortable seating for skaters.
RevelHouse. A social and public ice skating rink within an architecturally designed building.
Murals pay homage to Quebec’s industrial past.
RevelHouse. A social carousel in the middle of a large public building.
Helicopter-themed teacups spin with a great view of the big wheel.
RevelHouse. A large metal structure in the middle of a shopping mall, designed and constructed by an architectural consultancy firm, enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of the public space.
Gondolas in the wheel feature glass floors for added excitement.
RevelHouse. A large metal structure, thoughtfully designed and integrated into the architecture, enhances public spaces with unique experiences.
Ferris wheel features industrial materials and finishes highlighted by colour-changing show lighting.
RevelHouse. A social architectural marvel, this train track winds through a lush garden of plants within a building, offering unique experiences for visitors.
Children’s train ride winds through a dramatically lit garden.
RevelHouse. A consultancy for architecture and design of a building with a large indoor playground.
Wood slat feature facade tidies up the children’s play area within the larger space.
RevelHouse. A social design masterpiece, a model airplane is showcased in a public museum.
Existing rides were refurbished with a more vintage, industrial look.


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