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High end eatertainment comes to Trinidad’s newest retail property

Port of Spain, Trinidad

District Lime is a premium 20,000 square foot food and games concept that is currently under construction and expected to open in late 2021. It is an anchor for the new TrinCity Mall and will offer a an experience not seen before on the island. The design takes its cue from the beauty of the land and the excitement of the Carnival, rich in colour and texture. The goal is to create a place that gives the guests reasons to come back time and again. The games selection is heavy on skill so that you are constantly challenged and a 300 person performance hall will attract entertainment of all types.

L’il Limers is an evolution of our work with Fisher Price. We believe that creating an environment that is optimal for early childhood development as well as the ongoing stages of life is a great addition to any community based project. It gives caregivers a place to gather, support each other and exchange ideas. It is a place of play, exercise and relaxation. Everything about the potential experiences have been carefully considered including the right food offerings, safe play areas within eyesight of parents, safe and stimulating materials, games that promote social engagement and washrooms that make that inevitable situation as enjoyable as possible.