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Sudbury 2050 – An Urban Core Needs All the Tools it can Assemble to Create a Compelling Environment

Sudbury, Ontario

RevelHouse participated in the Sudbury 2050 competition as an opportunity to express their approach to urban revitalization on a larger scale. While many of the submissions were beautifully presented and had many intriguing and important ideas they did not touch on what we believe is an undeniable issue and approach. You must create enough critical mass of important uses, environments and convenience to encourage the residents to live in the core. Without these catalysts, any revitalization scheme will either fail entirely or be of limited success. To achieve this goal, the location of the new arena became our lightning rod. Without this important piece of the puzzle in the downtown, you can never aggregate enough activity to make the centre vibrant and residents will not move in. With it, the other civic institutions, like the library can complete the thread of the urban fabric.