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Trio Park Media Enhances Active Play in this Game Changing Entertainment Centre Concept

Montréal, Québec

Trio Park allows RevelHouse to continue to explore a number of their core positions in the LBE/FEC world. It is a very modern, progressive space, suitable for the broad audience it hopes to attract. Like all regional projects it has a desire to be flexible and evolving to encourage repeat visitation. To address this, RevelHouse has created a design that lets media and the guests be the star of the space. The media can be changed hour to hour and day to day so that the space is always responding to its situation. Another position of “nothing is ever old” is evident in the re-packaging of classic rides and equipment in new ways. These simple considerations will not only make everything feel fresh once again, but give the owner confidence that the basic selection is based on experiences we have loved for decades. It’s the sequel approach to rides!