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Veda Park Avenue

Abha, Saudi Arabia

RevelHouse has assisted Space Architects from Los Angeles in bringing this spectacular Eco-artistic immersive exhibit to Toronto. We provided Architect of Record services to assist with the documentation and installation of the attraction as an anchor within Toronto’s most compelling new mixed use project, The Well.

RevelHouse was contracted by Veda Holdings to develop the designs for a boutique 350,000 ft2 outdoor mall in the Abha. Abha is located in the Asir Region of Saudi Arabia. This region is unique within KSA as it is mountainous with lots of vegetation.

The design was inspired by the landscape, architecture, arts and crafts of the region including the Rijal Almaa Heritage Village, which is a Unesco World Heritage site. The region is full of beautiful stone detailing, generously adorned with colorful patterns. It is also famous for its Jacaranda trees, which bloom bright purple.
The design transitions from a more intimately scaled “village” zone, anchored a a honey themed event area, to a more animated “Sala” zone, where a night time projection show will take place.
RevelHouse applied their “Social Architecture ” approach by considering the guest experience throughout. Water is used to guide the guest throughout the spaces and there are plenty of areas to pause and take in the scenery, shaded by an abundance of trees.